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Electricity Service (Form - 4)
  1. ①   The mode of power supplied in exhibition hall (60Hz) : A.C. single phase - 220V / A.C. three phase - 220V, 380V
  2. ②   Electricity installation and usage expense: USD 60/Kw (in the case of 24 hours usage, USD 20 per 1Kw shall be added)
  3. ③   Please apply for electricity using the Utilities Application (Form-4) and send it to the Secretariat Office by July. 7, 2016.
  4. ④   Any exhibitors that requires a neutral line (limited to 380 volts) should indicate this fact on the Utilities Application Form. Since 110V is not provided, any company that needs this voltage should install a down transformer or make other arrangements.
  5. ⑤   According to the capacity applied by the Exhibitors, wiring for power and lighting shall come from a pit built on the floor of the exhibition space and breakers installed in each booth(s).
  6. ⑥   Secondary wiring, and wiring including plugs and lighting from the breakers should be installed by the participating company at its own expense.
  7. ⑦   Safety Devices for Exhibits
    The electric current is provided by KEPCO→KINTEX substation→each booth(s). When the demonstrated products have been damaged by power cut off and abnormal voltage (under 200volt), the Secretariat shall not be responsible for any damage incurred. Therefore, the exhibitors needs to install safety devices (AVR, UPS,…, etc.).
  8. ⑧   Electricity shall be cut off as of 5:00 pm on Sep. 3, 2016 in principle.
  9. ⑨   Any company that needs electricity supply after the daily closing of the exhibition (in the case of 24 hours usage, USD 20 per 1Kw shall be added), or even after the exhibition should apply to the Secretariat Office in advance.
Communication Service : Telephone · Internet (Form - 4)
  1. ①   In the exhibition space, temporary telephone and exclusive Internet line can be installed. Any exhibitor should apply to the Secretariat Office, using the Utilities Application(Form-4), by July. 7, 2016.
  2. ②   The temporary telephone usage expense is USD 300 per phone, and the Internet exclusive line is USD 250 per port. These include rent, installation and phone calls.
  3. ③   The line for the temporary telephone can be used as a fax line. However, the exhibitor should make their own preparations for their own fax machine.
  4. ④   The line available duration is from 4:00 pm, Aug. 30th to 5:00 pm, Sep.4th, 2016.
Water Supply Service (Form - 4)
  1. ①   A company requiring a water supply for a product demonstration should apply to the Secretariat Office by filling out the Utilities Application (Form-4) by July. 7, 2016, after checking the precise estimation to be used.
  2. ②   Water supply and drainage construction will be conducted in a blanket manner by the Secretariat, and expenses shall be the responsibility of the concerned companies.
  3. ③   The installation expense and usage fee per place are as follows.
  4. Basic Sizes Installation & Usage Expense
    Feed Pipe 15mm USD 300
    Drain Pipe 25mm
  5. ④   When the inner diameter of water supply and drainage are different from the basic specifications, additional expenses should be paid.
  6. ⑤   Water pressure is about 3.0kg/㎠ (maximum).
Compressed Air Service (Form - 4)
  1. ①   A company that needs compressed air for a product demonstration should apply for compressed air, by filling out the Utilities Application (Form-4) by July. 7. 2016, after checking the precise estimation, to the Secretariat Office.
  2. ②   The cost of the compressed air facility construction will be borne by a concerned company. For the safety of the exhibition hall, the Secretariat Office will conduct blanket construction.
  3. ③   The facility construction expense and its usage expense are USD 300 per place.
  4. ④   The inner diameter of the compressed air pipe hose is 9mm, and if requirements are different from the basic specifications, extra construction expenses will be paid by the concerned company.
  5. ⑤   Air pressure is about 6.0kg/㎠ (maximum).
RF Registration System (Form - 4)
  1. ①   The Secretariat provide the gathered visitors' data through RF card reader system to the applied exhibitors. Each visitor receive the RF pass-card with personal data when they register at the lobby of the exhibition hall. The exhibitors with RF card data collecting devices can save visitors' personal detail by simple procedure at their booth. The data will be sent to each exhibitor within a week.
    • 데이터 샘플화면
    • (Fig.#1) Sampled Data
  2. ②   A company that needs RF Registration system should apply by filling out the Utilities Application (Form-4) by July. 7. 2016 to the Secretariat Office.
  3. ③   The temporary RF Registration System rental charge is USD 200 per device.
  4. ④   Registered data is sent 2 weeks after the show completion.